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A conversation with a cop

We all know that police officers are always a hot topic. With so many videos highlighting the negativity in regards to law enforcement, it's easy to not have faith in the badge. I wouldn't be truthful if I were to tell you that many encounters displayed between cops and the community didn't anger me.

I could write a long passage in an effort to break down some of the topics that arise with the role of cops in society. That would be a very time consuming. Instead, I want to make the point that you can't categorize everyone into one group. We are all humans, so I know that may be difficult, especially when the only imagery you're exposed to plays into a specific narrative. That discussion is for another day.

So I'll say this. I've been categorized my entire life and I'm sure that will continue to happen. I hate that with a passion because I'm not given a chance with some. That's just life I guess. Not all cops are crooked and dirty, just like as not all pastors are pimps in the pulpit. Every priest doesn't molest members of the congregation and all teachers don't have relations with their students. What I'm trying to convey is every profession has bad apples, yet we don't write them off.

I'm not arguing anyone's experiences with law enforcement, nor am I advocating that the blue line is perfect. Far from it in fact. There needs to be much progression. I've babbled all of that to say everyone isn't the same. Checkout the random conversation with a cop. #cmpd #lawenforcement #blueline #conversation

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